paul has gone mad too

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paul has gone mad too

Beitragvon galacticgenesis » Do 27. Sep 2018, 19:24

from the blog >

paul …..

I have no idea … what you mean with >>>
irrelevent comments !

all the comments you have been erasing >
are invaluable contributions to this very theme

” what is your mind set ”

seeing how a fixed mind like benjamin
liking a predator and marmalade !!!
from the fixed mind nation of usa

and an all open mind myself
contributing to your blog

this could not be more relevent !
more interesting ….

what only has happend to you ?
has the fixed mind set of this planet
made you insane … too ?

you … the only hope an this planet of gone mad !
meaning all are uniformly damaging the environment
all are uniformly damaging the homo sapiens development

where all are censoring invaluable information !
so … to perpetuate this mass of delusion …

you are behaving like a pope
in the dark ages ….

alles nur drogen junkies > die verantwortungs los alles tun >
um an ihren stoff kommen > also rechts unfähige kriminelle !
die abgehalten werden müssen > von ihrem welten ver brechen

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